How to Become a Mentalist

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You may wonder what a mentalist is and how to become one. Mentalist is what you call those people who practice mentalism, the art of discerning the truth about an individual as well as many details about that individual’s personal life.

Many refer to mentalism as an activity incorporated by supernatural powers, however, how to become a mentalist is more about developing exceptional decoding and observational aptitude. Many professions from crime investigation field to magic performers make use of mentalist’s tricks along with the discipline of psychology for mental performance and behaviours.

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What You Should Do in Your Everyday Life to Succeed in Mentalism

Before we get to the actual means on how to become a mentalist, I would like to mention few points on what to do in your day-to-day life – when you are going to work, sitting in the train or having a party at your place. Being a mentalist is more than just to know few tricks. It is a lifestyle. Although these things are not mandatory, I do recommend you to consider them:

  • Practice quick, well-read judgement. How to become a mentalist starts with good surveillance, therefore as a mentalist you can be quite confident of your judgement. You don’t need ESP to be excellent in decoding and profiling an individual. You’ll just need to be very keen on your scrutiny. Is the person really knowledgeable or just bragging with empty words? Does the person look into your eyes while talking to you? Is the person’s body fit or healthy looking? Is the person wearing a ring? Is the person sweating although the air con is on? Such observations will definitely lead you into that one instant educated finding about an individual.
  • In learning how to become a mentalist, one should practice the art of finding lies. You can catch the person if he’s lying or not based on the physical cues that indicate his being anxious, nervous or unsure. Observe where he stares when speaking, his level of perspiration, his way of speaking if he stutters or repeats the same phrase, and other physical signs that seem quite unusual for person like him.
  • To better enhance your mentalism tricks, start discovering new things with yourself first. Face the mirror and make a thorough observation of your facial reaction. How do your eyes look when you stir positive thoughts? How about when you are feeling pained, how does your face look like? When you’re scared do you tend to shut your eyes off? Then play along with your emotions. When you’re happy and excited do you clasp your hands together and feel the butterflies in your stomach? How does it manifest in your body? When you’re nervous what do you usually do with your hands? Do you bite your fingernails or chew your lips? Start studying yourself then expand to studying other people’s behaviour.
  • Learn the tricky questions. Becoming a mentalist, you should be able to ask the wise, tricky questions that are partly a statement and partly a question. You don’t obviously persuade a person to tell you something because all the more that he will keep the information from you. Express the vague questions or statement and let the person clear it out for himself. Say something like, “I’m quite torn being a performer or a teacher, what do you say about that?” or asks something like, “I never like the service in that cafe. You think the others share the same opinion too?”
  • Be a good listener. Most people listens to be able to deliver a good reply, but a mentalist listens and listens, then reads between the lines. A good mentalist is a good listener. Excellent listening skills open a new world for you and lead you to several links that can help you on how to become a mentalist. An individual’s personality and background are often hinted through the things that come out of his mouth. People tend to spill out more things about themselves than we recognize it. Good listening is the major key.

Where to Start

Where you should start your become-a-mentalist journey?

There are two options for you. One of the options is books on mentalism. It’s a solid way especially if you like studying and dig deep into the thick books. However it may take longer time for you to become mentalism as the second option. In our age of Internet and technology it’s way faster and more interesting to study from the videos. Is it not?!

So the other option is to get an online multimedia course. I know there is a lot of bullshit out there these days. And I went through it personally. When I was looking for a decent course, I had to see many of them. The good thing is that the most of the online courses offer you a 60-day-money-back guarantee with no commitment. So for the pure BS I could claim the refund.

It was a good experience, though. It helped me to go through different products and see what deserves the attention and actually works in terms of self-education and what does not. In the section below I am going to share with you the most efficient and complete course in my personal opinion. I tell you more, if I was the creator of that course, I would charge a lot more than that.


Master Mentalism Course

master mentalism


As I mentioned before, it’s not an easy task to find a decent course on the art of mentalism, especially if you are new to this and really want to know how to become a mentalist. If you did try to find it yourself, I bet you agree with me and feel the pain.

There was a moment when I was information starved in terms of mentalism and magic and I was looking for as much information as I could find. When I stumbled upon Master Mentalism, all I had to do was to submit my email and get the video tutorial for free. So I did and a bit later, the next day or so, I received an email with the first free tutorial.

I was impressed right there! First of all, the video was about something new and different from the stuff I could find on youtube. At the same time the revelation and tutorial was explained very detailed and easy to follow. It came with the subtitles in case for someone it is easier to read than to listen.

It captured my attention from the first video. Within the next couple of days I received the rest of the tutorials and I was totally on it.

And then, I received another email from Ryan Clark, a co-author of the course, where he invited me to try the major ‘how to become a mentalist’ course. I thought, if the free videos from him were that impressive, what should I expect from the paid complete mentalism and magic course?!

I didn’t have any doubts and got my copy. I didn’t hesitate, because Master Mentalism course purchase goes through ClickBank, which means I had 60-day-money-back guarantee. In other words if I didn’t like it or thought it didn’t worth the money (I still think he should charge more than that…), I had 2 full months to claim my money back with no any questions or explanation at all. I buy via ClickBank every now and then and I know how flawlessly it works. Besides, I’ve heard a lot of good opinions from guys who live outside USA and Europe, like India or Brasil, since they have certain difficulties with ordering books from Amazon.

Clickbank offers digital products only, so even if you live on a desert island, you can still order anything from there as long as you have Internet connection. Simply download your precious e-book or the entire course.

In the next few days I am going to add some addition insider information about what you are getting in the Master Mentalism. There is just so much stuff, that I think you wouldn’t believe me and decide that I am exaggerating if I mentioned all of it. So I have to think for few days which way to put it in the review before I publish it here. Meanwhile check out Ryan’s Master Mentalism course here:

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75 thoughts to “How to Become a Mentalist”

    1. That is not easy, I’m a mentalist myself and first off you need to start with hiding your emotions, becoming neutral at any situation, make sure you can’t be read.

        1. I truly believe that one of the most effective way to become successful in something is practising it. Therefore I would recommend you to start learning few simple tricks like this one or these ones. First you have to learn them by heart and perform them to yourself in front of the mirror. Then start performing to your family and friends (the ones who tend to support you, not laugh at you). With every successful performance you will get more and more confidence. Then you can start learning new tricks, like the ones are listed in the “Naked Mentalism” book or in the “Master Mentalism” course, mentioned in this article.
          Meanwhile I’d recommend you to read “13 Steps to Mentalism” to get a better understanding what it’s like to be a mentalist and also you can get some great ideas and tricks to practice. Good luck!

        1. Thank you!

          I would suggest you to start with “13 steps to mentalism” by Corinda. As I stated above – it’s a bible in the mentalism world.
          As to the one which to finish with, it doesn’t exist really. Those books I mentioned in the article will be enough for quite some time if you are serious about mentalism and ready to truly master it. Then you can either search for other books to keep your development going, or you can try Master Mentalism, since it has got loads of videos and other cool stuff to work with. Just keep moving forward!

          1. One of the best ways to start your mentalism journey is with a book “13 steps to mentalism” I mentioned above.
            Another way is to start learning one of the mentalism tricks, an easy one. Also you can check other comments for more details. I already answered your question few times. The main point is to start doing something towards becoming a mentalist.

    1. I’m not sure what do you mean by “control your own mind” here.
      In any case, I can’t agree with you. Do you think that the successful psychologists and psychiatrists are absolutely healthy mentally? They do visit their own specialists! I can give you a lot more examples like this.
      Mentalism is not about the powers of your mind, it’s about the ability to control minds of others.

    1. It all depends on you. If you give me a sword, will I be a great warrior?
      I would recommend you to start with the book “13 steps to mentalism” to get better idea and feel what it’s like.
      And of course, the most important part is practice. You have to practice a lot.
      One of the best and most effective ways to become a mentalis is to start learning mentalism tricks, like the ones are listed in the “Naked Mentlism” book.
      As soon as you jump into that, practical question will start appearing in your head, you will get a different perspective on mentalism and you will start seeing by yourself how to succeed with that. Good luck!

      1. i want to be a interest is great on it, however here in Philippines we don’t have a book of mentalism and i don’t have money to buy books. there’s anything could help me to become a mentalist? even i dont have books nor money to be spent?? do you have a free tutorial? heheheh

    1. Hi Jane, the best way is to start with the books that are mentioned in this article. If you can’t physically order them, you can get the “Master Mentalism” course then, since it is a digital product and all you will have to do is to download it to your computer or tablet.

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Mentalist and Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) way of Mentalism. Is that a form of Mentalism or is that Mentalism in its entirety? Also I’m curious as to the way you learned. What do you look at to help you see the truth?

    1. I would say that Patrick Jane is the best example of a mentalist in every day life. The only thing is that in real life nothing is as black and white as in the movie. In the movie reading hard truth by barely noticeable signals was way too exaggerated. Sometimes it is possible, of course, but human nature is too versatile to be able to read it in terms of “if A, then B”.

      In any case, you can master your ability to read other people to a pretty high degree. And the best way to start would be the book “What every BODY is saying” that I mentioned in the article “How to Become a Mentalist”.

  2. hey !! tnx a lot !! i have always felt i had an extra power at detecting other people’s minds,btw i have a minor case of ocd , i think it would help me notice things more, but do u think it would be an obstacle for me in any case

    1. Hi Kate, your minor case of OCD or any other peculiarity would be an obstacle only if you believe it would be an obstacle. You are the one to choose what is an obstacle for you to succeed, if any.

      1. I am incredible at discerning people’s thoughts with the information given, however I need to know how to get them to talk more. It would be awesome if somebody could help me out.

        1. There is no certain answer to your question. Try different things and approaches and see what works and what does not. It also depends on how well you can identify the other person to choose your approach. What works with one type of a person, does not necessarily work with others. It depends on you a lot as well. Your general look, body language, and other “hidden” parts of yourself.

  3. Hi,

    My question is exactly what the term “Mentalism” means? Does mentalists really read people’s minds? Or do they focus on their body language and eyes to understand what they are thinking? Or is it just some illusions and magic tricks (like Swami Gimmick) and there’s no actual “mind reading” involved?

    Thank you,

  4. I have an ability to regularly predict what others will do. So much so that I did it at work and shared it with my boss, that when people in fact began doing what I predicted it actually freaked out my boss. Is this a form of mentalism? I would like to develop it more.

  5. I was watching a Nat Geo television show called “Deception with Keith Barry”. Barry astonished me with his skills and I wanted to learn how to become a mentalist. Nothing too professional, it’s a skill I want to learn. I know it’ll take time and dedication. This article will help me very much. Thank you!

  6. Hi, thanks so much for this post. I have just recently started watching The Mentalist and was really interested. I was surprised to hear that some police departments have use for mentalists and that just seems like something I would love to do. Are there any tips to picking this up quickly or some of the more important things to start off with?

    P.S I will more then likely be ordering those books soon so thanks!

    1. It depends really on a person. Some people to burry themselves in theory first and study thoroughly and only then start practicing. Other ones prefer to start practicing straight away and explore theory part along. The main thing is to keep yourself interested and entertained during the learning process, this way you will keep yourself motivated and willing to continue.

      In any case, there are a lot of extremely easy to perform mentalism tricks that you can learn even not knowing what is mentalism. Some of them you can find on this website, others in the books. So you can learn a couple of them, master them and then you will know how awesome it is to be a mentalist:)

    1. You can get Master Mentalism that I mention above. It is online resource. You get access to a whole library of tricks from anywhere in the world.

      Also you can have a look other articles on this website that reveals pretty cool mentalism tricks.

  7. I’m only in middle school and I’m into magic and just started getting into mentalism, what’s the best way to practice mentalism and what’s the best way to practice studying people?

    1. Well, if you are already into magic you probably already figured out that the best way to practice is to actually practice! As to mentalism, there are different ways how to do it. The way I personally consider effective yet entertaining is the following. You learn a trick, then master it in front of the mirror first, then start performing in public (to friends, to nice people in the clubs, to strangers on the street or parks, etc.). Then switch to a new trick, but getting back to the one you already know on a regular basis. Start with the simple ones. Meanwhile you can also read up on psychology (Darren Brown is great example of such mentalism direction), non-verbal communication, etc. Anything you can find mentalism related.

  8. I was about to buy the Online Master Mentalism till I got to the page where I had to pay 4.95$ I was so excited filled out the information and as I was about to submit in a small text off to the side it said that I would have to pay a monthly fee of 47$?!?!?!? Is there another source you could recommend. I did get the books and will start reading them soon.

    1. The thing is that you are buying an access to a whole Mentalism world with loads of videos, manuals and other cool stuff. It gets updated on a regular basis, that’s where the fee coming from. Another positive side is it keeps you motivated and gives you a little push yet support when you feel lazy or discouraged.

      Of course, books is another self-sufficient way to learn. However learning by videos is a lot more productive (in my personal experience) and fun!

      Again, as I said in the article above, you can try Master Mentalism and see what it’s like. If you feel it’s not for you, you have full 2 months to claim your money back.

      Hope it helps!

  9. Hello 🙂

    Thank you so much for writing this, it’s so kind of you to share this information. I am very excited and would love talk to you about so much but know I need to get my head stuck into the books first.

    I wish you well and I hope to bump into you one day.


    1. Hi Millie,

      It’s very nice of you and you are very welcome!

      Books is a good thing, although don’t get into theory trap, it’s when you focus on theory with no practicing.
      Everything you read in the books on mentalism try it! It will be a lot more efficient and fun!

      Good luck Millie, be sure you will succeed!;)

  10. Respected Sir,
    I m an Indian by nationality, and huge fan of your work.
    Sir due to lack of knowledge and resources in my country related to this new emerging scientific field i am finding myself unable to pursue with this field.
    I request your kind enlightenment and introduction for this field.
    Kindly do tell that whether there are any institutes for this course or not.
    And how can i became a mentalist and illusionist.
    I m a 18 year secondary school pass out student from medical stream.
    Is it also necessary for a mentalist to learn illusion

    1. Yeah, there is a well respected university called Hogwarts. I wasn’t going there, but my buddy Harry Potter will be happy to tell you about it anything you want to know. Joking:)

      Speaking seriously, I don’t know any schools or anything like that. Only courses, classes, masterclasses. I’d recommend the Master Mentalism course I mentioned in the article. The course is in the digital format and it’s online, so you don’t have to order and wait for physical boxes and packages. You get the access right after registration, and no matter where you are located in Europe, India or North Pole. As long as you have an Internet access you are good to go.

      You don’t have to be illusionist in order to be a successful mentalist. Check out Derren Brown, he is a pure mentalist. However, you don’t have to limit yourself either. Illusions, card tricks, hypnosis and other types of tricks – all are good and effective to the public. You can learn small bits of everything and combine into your own “package” and style. Good luck!

  11. Hey, thanks for your good introduction.

    There’s one thing that bothers me before I want to start.
    There may be a lot of cultural differences in behaviour and communication.

    Is the recommended material helpful on all continents or only in the anglo-american areas?

    1. Hello Henry, the materials I recommend are definitely helpful on all the continents as long as you and your audience speak the same language. Another thing is that you better be familiar with local body language as well. Although in most countries all over the world body language is almost the same, there are still some exceptions. Take Bulgaria for instance. When they say “no”, they nod as most others shake their head, and when they say “yes”, they shake their head instead of nodding. Anyway, as I said, if you perform in the country you are familiar with, you shouldn’t have any problem at all. There isn’t much to worry about when starting with mentalism. Good luck with your mentalism journey, Henry!

  12. Hello Sir ,

    I am not able to understand the naked book test….
    Like if anybody can choose any word from any page than he can also choose words like stock , form , safe , etc which are also 4 letter words ……

    Pls help me out ……

  13. Hi, i’m from Argentina i want to understand the difference between “mentalist” and “mind reader”, what is the really difference? Today im starting the 13 steps mentalism, really want to know all about it

    1. Hola Gonzalo!

      It depends on the context really. If we are speaking about mentalism as an art of magic tricks, then mind reading is part of mentalism.
      So mentalist is a mind reader, since the majority of mentalism tricks are based on pretending that you can read peoples minds.

      If you speak about real mind reading (if it exists), then it has nothing to do with mentalism.

      Que tengas suerte con mentalismo!

    1. I’m not sure if I get your question. If everyone who want to be a mentalist will become one I don’t see any problem with that. In any case it’s not as easy as you might think. It does require much effort, determination and consistency. Most of people want everything at once and straight away. The art of mentalism require a lot of practice just like any other type of art.

    1. I’ve never been to India and I have no idea. In any case, I don’t think there are any real mentalism schools or universities.
      At least I’m not aware of any. I’m sure you can succeed on your own. All you need it patience and practice. Good luck!

  14. I want to become a mentalist. I don’t want to play card tricks or anything like that, but simply to become completely aware of my surroundings and others around me so that I am always as informed as possible. I want to do this in order to 1) stay safe myself while meeting and interacting with others, and 2) be able to offer appropriate encouragement to those I may be helping. I don’t want to get played and waste my time or theirs. Are there books that teach that part without the trickery? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mary, your request is not as easy as it may seem. You need to look for the books on communication, social psychology, group behaviour, patterns of behaviour, social dynamics, psychology of the group, leadership, and of course body language. Basically you have to develop strong communication skills as wide and as good as you can. With knowledge and experience you awareness will improve. As to the books, I can only recommend you on body language: “The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading” by Ian Rowland and also “What every body is saying”, blue colour book.

  15. Hello Sir…
    I want to ask u that sometime when i thought anything in my mind any thought or thing before i tell it to the one who is infront of me…that one also thought that same thing and told me about it vry unexpectedly…and i remained in schocked always that how can he or she thought the same thing or how can he or she knows what i was thinking…. it happened with me with many people….how was it happened…..
    Thank u

    1. I have no idea Gaurav. This website is about mentalism as a type of performance art. We are not talking about any natural super powers.

  16. Dear Sir:
    I am not sure whether I understand fully the price quoted .
    On one is said the total price goes at a discount; it is
    seven dollars (US$7.00),
    However; below, another monthly payment is quoted : (US $ 77.00); this leads me to
    wonder whether there is a subscription that follows the initial seven dollars.
    Please clarify the ambiguity.

    1. Yes, they offer a subscription which includes a wide range of videos and in-depth knowledge base in addition to the main course. So if you pay entry fee you get access for the entire course plus 30 days trial period for the inner circle. After that period you get billed monthly as long as you are subscribed.

  17. hello sir ,iam still pursuing my degree ,so iam a kind busy with it,does it take a lot of time for me to learn these tricks or mentalism?

    1. It depends really. You can start small, some day-to-day mental tricks. There are few in Master Mentalism. And then gradually increase your skill and learn more difficult tricks.

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