Awesome Mentalism Tricks Revealed

mentalism tricks revealed

There are quite a few mentalism tricks revealed out on the Internet, however only few of them deserve your attention. To make your life a little bit easier, I selected the best ones and put them all into this article. I also added a brief comments and explanations of the crucial things you have to know when performing. You have to note, that these are the basic mentalism tricks which are good if you are just starting out your becoming a mentalist journey. If you are about to get serious about it, you have to consider other means of mentalism education as well as learning advanced mentalism tricks.

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Some of the mentalism tricks revealed below are card tricks. You might wonder why card tricks are doing on the mentalism portal. First of all, these tricks are not sleight of hands based. Second, these tricks are more mental kind of card tricks. And if you present them right, you can actually make your audience believe you have mental super powers. Third, these tricks are easy both to learn and perform. When you are starting out mentalism, it’s very important to feel how cool it is to perform and make other people to drop their jaw of WOW reaction on your tricks. These tricks are exactly what you need. And of course, be sure, there are a couple of purest mentalism tricks presented as well. Now let’s get right to it.

Mentalism trick revealed #1 – Four Cards To Pick

Here is a nice video of Jay Jay performing the trick with a beautiful girl. And you can witness what results and reaction it leads to:)

The revelation of this mentalism card trick is the following. After the girl has shuffled the card deck, JayJay took the deck to look for a random card to give to a spectator to make sure it is not marked in any way. While he was looking for a random card, he also checked the very bottom card, which was 6 of hearts in this case.

What happens next is he asks her for exactly the same card as the bottom one. She picks one, which obviously is a different one. JayJay looks at the card and names it as a second card to pick up, which was 7 of hearts. The same goes with the third card.

Then, at the end he picks one card by himself and it is the bottom one – 6 of hearts, which he knows where it is located. You can even see on the video that the last card he picked is the first card he named which is 6 of hearts. For this reason, just not to let your mentalism trick be revealed during performance, at the end of the routine, grab all four cards with your hands and put one by one onto the table in the order you have named them.

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If you are going to do like JayJay did, someone may spot that the first card you named was the last one you picked. Another important thing is that the spectator has to remember the cards. Make a stress, ask him or her to remember the cards he or she was naming.

In this video you can see that the girl didn’t really remembered the cards and she just didn’t want to be Buzz Killington in this situation so she played along and believed the performer. In any case, this is one of my favourite mentalism card tricks ever since it’s so simple yet so damn impressive! Try it out and see yourself.

Mentalism Tricks Revealed #2 – a Triangle Inside a Circle

This trick is one of my favourite ones. It perfectly represents the mentalism school of magic and its classic mind reading effect. It was also well presented in the TV show “The Mentalist“. Let’s watch the video fragment first where the main character, Patrick Jane, performs it to his colleague.

Now let me walk you through all the details. First of all, this kind of mentalism tricks I would recommend to perform in the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. In other words, you have to have attention and focus of your spectator on you.

The spectator and you have to stand not too far away and not too close, approx. 50-70 centimetres (~20-25 inches) apart face-to-face to each other. You have to be relaxed. Take a deep breath and intentionally make yourself chilled and relaxed. Then make a small pause, look into the eyes of the spectator, and with a little bit lower and calmer than usually voice ask the spectator the following:

“Are you ready?”, – wait for the positive answer of the spectator. Then ask:

“Feeling awake, mentally alert?”

After the nod, “yes” or another form of positive answer of the spectator, say some sort of approval, like “Perfect!” or “Excellent!” and move on to the next step. Although this part with all these questions is not mandatory for the trick itself, it does let’s say help to tune in the spectator and make him or her focus on what’s going on and follow your lead. So I do recommend you to include it into your performance. To make your life easier, you can basically repeat word for word what Patrick Jane is saying in the video. Later on, with a bit of practice, you will find your own words. As for now, just keep it simple.

Moving on to the “screen”. You continue in the same calm and relaxed way:

“I want you to imagine the screen between you and I”, and pause.

While you are saying the phrase and making a pause, you are drawing with your point fingers an imaginary rectangular screen in the air between the spectator and you, approximately equally away from both of you. The screen shouldn’t be too big. Roughly it should not be higher than the head of the spectator, not wider than his/her shoulders, and not lower than his/her chest. As I mentioned above, the screen is supposed to be rectangular with the long side placed horizontally. This gesture looks quite natural to the audience yet it’s crucial for our performance. With this gesture we are sort of setting the limits of the imagination of the spectator and making him or her focus on what is going on right inside of this mental screen. This way it will be easier for us to plant the mental seeds that we need – triangle and circle. So, as soon as you can see that the spectator has projected the screen in his/her mind, it´s time to move forward.

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You say: “On that screen I want you to project a basic shape. Like a square, but not a

While saying that, you have to be making a certain gesture. Lift your hands into the air in front of you approximately at the level of your neck and put your thumbs, point and middle fingers as if you were holding a triangle of a size a bit narrower than your shoulders. You do not want to make it obvious, so make sure you do it naturally, relaxed and subtle. The main purpose of that is to push subconscious mind of the spectator to think of a triangle.

After your words “…but not a square”, while continuing “holding” the triangle, ask sincerely:

“Got it?”, just like in the video.

And after his/her positive answer, you say:

“Lock it in!”, and move to the next step.

You continue:

“Now I want you to project another shape and put that shape around the shape you already have.”

While saying “..another shape..” move your hands so, as if you were drawing a circle around the triangle that you were just holding. You don’t have to draw a full circle. Just make a gesture which would push the spectator to think of a circle.

Wait for a confirmation of the spectator, then say “Perfect!” and move on to the next one.

Now you have to play along as if something mysterious is happening. Make serious and concentrated face and say:

“Here is the fun part. Now concentrate, and project that onto the back of my mind. Look right here [point to the place between your eyebrows]. Open up your mind, and send it to me. ”

Make a pause, you can close your eyes if you want, breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly. Carry on in a mysterious way:

“Ok. Now I started to feel it.”

With a cheering intonation:

“It’s a triangle inside a circle!”

The job is done and it’s time to enjoy your success and the reaction of the spectator.

As I told you, this is one of my favourite mentalism tricks revealed and one of the main reasons for that is that you don’t need any props and requisite to perform it. This fact also puts the spectator in a position where he or she doesn’t know what to think and how to explain to him/herself what just happened. I do recommend you to practice it with yourself first and in front of the mirror to make sure your gestures look relaxed and natural.

Most probably you will get asked “How did you do that?!” In this case you can say something basic like: “Oh, it’s pretty simple. It’s one of the forms of mind reading. Maybe I’ll explain some other time”. And change the subject as if nothing has happened. You can also go for something more interesting, that would keep up the interest of the spectator and build up your reputation of a mentalist, like the guy in the video did: “Oh, that’s nothing! That’s just a calibration key to real mind reading. Now I have access to all your innermost thoughts.” But the best way is to think of something that would suits you personally.

Mentalism Trick Revealed #3 – The Easiest Card Trick Ever

Here is another mentalism card trick exposed by JayJay. I believe this is the easiest card trick ever and this is why. The only thing you have to do is to remember the bottom card. Then keep taking off few cards from the top until the spectator says stop. The secret of it is that the bottom card never change. So the “random” card the spectator remembers never is random.

Now when you know its exposure, it may seem for you that the secret is too obvious and anyone would notice that you are taking cards off the top and force to remember the bottom card. Don’t get discouraged by that. The simpler and straight forward trick is, the more effective results it delivers. Try it and you will see how smoothly it works.

Mentalism Trick Revealed #4 – Three of Diamonds

Let’s reveal another mentalism trick. Although you need a card to perform it, I would say this trick is one of those pure mind reading mentalism tricks that blow peoples mind away. See yourself.

As you can see, this one is very similar to “a Triangle inside a Circle” trick that was reviewed before. You can follow the major part of instructions I was talking in “a Triangle inside a Circle” trick, especially the preparation and the conclusion. However in this one it is better to perform it a bit faster, like Derren Brown does in the video. This way you keep the brain of the spectator busy, that makes him focused and concentrated on thinking of what kind of card it might be and not letting him or her think of the “strange” gestures you are doing.

So the revelation is pretty easy. By now you might already guessed the secret of it. The main points are the following:

  • You make a screen with your hands in the shape of diamonds – this makes a spectator think of diamonds
  • Use the words “little number”, “low” – this makes a spectator think of a small card in the range of 2-7
  • Put three fingers in the centre – this makes a spectator think of a 3.

Mentalism Trick Revealed #5 – Mind Exploding Trick

This one as well as the previous mentalism card tricks is really easy to perform. The major advantage of this trick is that it’s actually been performed by a spectator, and not a performer. In addition, it doesn’t need your presence at all, so you can perform it over the phone. Can you imagine when you call someone and you state that you can read his or her mind and tell what card he or she picked. Believe me, this trick is going to explode people’s mind.

I hope you enjoyed the mentalism tricks revealed in this article. I’m absolutely confident that you are going to impress your friends and family. For more trick revelations as well as a complete step-by-step guide on how to become a mentalist check out Ryan Clark’s “Master Mentalism” course here:

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  1. Black'n'Jack

    Awesome tricks, man! Especially the last one! I performed it on the fool’s day on my dad over the phone. His jaw fell out of his mouth lol

    1. mental Post author

      I admire that you have actually tried it out! Most of people just look through the post, watch the video tutorials, think “Oh, that’s cool” and forget about it. As to mentalism tricks and any other types of magic the most important part is to DO. Without actual performing magic is not going to happen.
      Anyhow, keep it up! Have a look at How to Become a Mentalism post, I go through the main “must-read” books and the best on the market Mentalism course. I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself.

  2. Yeah it's me

    Iv’e actually done the 1st and 2nd tricks posted here. Now I’m planning to do the 3rd trick. Thanks for the info!

    1. mental Post author

      You are a perfect example on how to actually become a mentalist or a magician in general! Well done!
      If you want to keep developing as a mentalist and/or magician, you can check “How to become a mentalist” article on this website.

  3. akg

    respected sir
    I m here for a query again.
    sir i wish to know that whether the mentalism is just confined to these kind of tricks or its lot more.
    i mean to say that in these tricks we are just illusioning the spectator and its nowhere to control the person’s thoughts. neither it dealt with the reading the expressions

    1. mental Post author

      These tricks are very easy to learn and perform. It’s a good starting point in a learning curve of mentalism. Maybe the fact that these are card tricks makes some sort of confusion. You can try “Circle in a Triangle” trick, which is _pure_ mentalism trick, no props, no gimmicks yet the person’s thoughts control.

      Mentalism is quite broad field and there are a lot of things to explore. You don’t have to put the frames and limits what is mentalism and what is not. Learn the tricks that you find interesting.

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    Hey, I want to know more about being a mentalist so, the only thing I am skeptical about is the authenticity of this course. And of course, as you said, it is difficult to find the right kind of stuff so I would like you to guide me on this. Also, if you could send me any contact detail of yours, I would be obliged.
    Thank you!

    1. mental Post author

      Hi Adk, I wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t worth it. I dodn’t insist though. Totally up to you. As an option, you can start with the books that I have listed here.

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