5 Reasons to Learn Mentalism Tricks

reasons to learn mentalism tricksEveryone has his or her own reasons to learn mentalism tricks. Someone might get impressed by mind blowing tricks of David Blane or unbelievable mind reading tricks of Derren Brown and decided to become like one of them. Another might get inspired by the TV show “Mentalist”. Nevertheless, I would like to go a little bit deeper on the possible advantages and perks which you may get by mastering the art of mentalism.

#1 Be Always Ready

Unlike other types of magic, mentalism requires minimum of requisite to perform or do not require it at all. As soon as you master the performance, you are ready to act any time, any place, in any situation, would it be a club, workplace or the corner shop next to your house. You never know when you will need your skills of mentalist. Well, normally you do know, but from time to time you will have certain situations where your mental trick would be as a cheat code in the computer game.

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#2 Mentalism Is Insane Hobby

Being a mentalist means being an artist. What I personally like in this hobby is that I can learn tricks and routines by myself. I don’t have to go anywhere. I don’t have to take classes. I can choose when, where and which way I want to practice. I don’t depend on anyone apart from myself. To find out in more details where to start your own become-a-mentalist journey, please refer to this article: How to Become a Mentalist. There you will find some useful information, what books are the best to start with and what online course to get.

#3 Mentalist as a Profession

You can start with mentalism tricks as a hobby and see how it goes. Of course you would have to practice for a while to feel it through and understand what it actually gives you, what feelings and emotions you experience doing it. You can earn some extra money even if you decide to keep it as a hobby. You can perform on different sort of parties like birthdays or bachelor’s parties, on some kind of social events where you can get paid for that, or even on the street in the public! And believe me, this way you can get pretty good earnings in addition to the salary you get at your full time work.

In case if you feel that it is something you would dedicate your life to, you definitely can make a business of your life out of it, which may bring you more than enough money for you and your family, or future family. And still there is wide range of possibilities. You can make your own shows, film videos, write books, do private lessons, found your school, or even theatre. In our age of the Internet it is really easy to get audience and popularity. You can start your own blog or better Youtube channel where you would show the evaluation of your mastery starting from your very first day of becoming a mentalist.

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Having said all that, there are loads of different possibilities to earn as a mentalist. And the most beautiful part of it is that you would have absolute independence of anyone like bosses or parents, you would have as much free time as you like, and be the absolute and only owner of your own time and life.

#4 Social and Private Life You Can Only Imagine

I know by my personal experience that a lot of guys, even being good looking and intelligent, cannot approach a girl they like. We are not going deep on the reasons of that. Generally speaking, most of the guys think that they don’t look good enough to be attracted to a girl they like, or even if they know they look good, they don’t know what to say, how to approach and, which is the most important part, how to make a girl interested in them.

Now remember the last situation when you have seen a beautiful girl you wanted to approach but you haven’t because you didn’t know what to say or were afraid that she wouldn’t show mutual interest. And now imagine what would have happened if you had a couple of mentalist tricks up in your sleeve. You came up to her, asked for a minute of her attention and blew her mind far away. The girl is speechless of what she has just seen. The only person that exists at that moment to her is you. Once more – the only person in the whole world that exists to her at that moment is YOU. She is not interested in other guys around her. She forgot about her friend who is next to her. Now SHE is the one who wants to approach you, to speak to you, to make you interested in her. All you need to do is to go with a flow and play along. Sounds cool, huh? Believe me, it actually is cool.

Same thing is finding new friends. If you perform to a group of boys and girls at a party, every single one of them would want to be a friend of you. You will outrank any group leader whoever he or she is. You will be the centre of their attention. You will need just to choose who to be friends with.

#5 People Manipulation

It sounds quite negative or even inhumanely. But it is not exactly what I mean. Let me explain here. All our social interactions is some sort of manipulation. For example, a mother asks her kid to tidy up the house. Her kid refuses to do that. Then she says that he or she would get an ice-cream if does it. After which her kid is happy to tidy up the house and wash the dishes in addition. Someone would say it is motivation, another would say it is manipulation.

Here is another example. You are going to the shop to buy a new printer. You ask for an advice of a sales assistant. Sales assistant hides the drawbacks of a cheaper model, and make his argumentation around more expensive one, even though the technical characteristics are equal of both of them. He just wants you to buy the more expensive model which would bring him a bit higher commission. This is also manipulation.

We are not only observing manipulation in everyday life, but also manipulating by ourselves not even thinking of it! Along with mentalism tricks you learn to manipulate a person, his or her attention, emotions, way of thinking, feeling. Becoming a mentalist also means becoming a leader of any conversation or situation. Moreover, you get harder to be manipulated. You are being more aware and concerned about it even if another person is doing it unintentionally. It may sound too loud, but your life becomes clearer and easier for you. It’s like if you had superpower for real.

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