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6 Best Mentalism Books You Can Find

Mentalism is not as simple and easy as it may seem. It is one of the ancient ways to trick people pretending you have super powers. It is also one of the most fascinating yet sometimes even disturbing performing arts. Mentalism is not as straightforward as sleight of hands magic tricks with cards or coins. It is way deeper and complex. For this reason there are many books written about mentalism. However, only few of them build the core of this area of magic. To make it easier for you and saving your time, I made the list of the best mentalism books out there on the market. Here it is.

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Mentalism Book #1 “13 steps to Mentalism” by Tony Corinda

mentalism books - 13 steps to mentalismAmong magicians and mentalists this book is considered as the bible of mentalism. If I do not mention about this book which is recommended by many, it will be unfair to the writer as well the budding mentalists. “13 steps to Mentalism” was written by Tony Corinda a famous English mentalist in 1961. He had originally written this book in 13 different booklets describing 13 different techniques of mentalism.

For example, the booklets explained about aspects like predictions, mind reading, card tricks, mnemonics etc. Later this was made into one book as a complete guide for the mentalists. In this book Tony Corinda explains about the illusions and tricks (both simple and complex) with the actions to be carried out behind the scene. The book is recommended for anyone who is older than 12 years. The book is beneficial for a beginner and professional alike. You may find this book a little old fashioned which makes it difficult to read because it was written in 1961. If you are an aspiring mentalist, this book is a must. You will understand why it is considered among the best mentalism books. To get the book or check the reviews on Amazon click here.

Mentalism Book #2 “Practical Mental Magic” by Theodore Annemann

This book by Theodore Annemann explains the most important tricks in a mentalist’s repertoire. A magician’s success is in amazing the audience with their tricks and this book guides you through that. The author – one of the greatest mentalists of all times – has included 12 major categories of mentalism. The major categories included are as follows:

  1. Effects with Billets and Pelletsmentalism books - practical mental magic
  2. Publicity Effects
  3. Envelope Necromancy
  4. Miracle Slate Routines
  5. Dead or Alive
  6. Money Mentalism
  7. Thought Foretold
  8. Book Tests
  9. Mentalism with Cards
  10. Miscellaneous Mental Masterpieces
  11. Blindfold Reading
  12. Psychic Codes

Theodore Annemann, who is known for contributing the most to this branch of entertainment through his vast experience, has made it easy for you to understand the know-hows of the mentalist tricks. The author has covered 200 mentalism tricks in 336 pages with all the instructions needed to perform them successfully. Do not hesitate to get this book thinking that it was written in 1944. All the tricks and tips in this book are still valid and of great help for the aspiring magicians and mentalists. To get the book or check the reviews on Amazon click here.

Mentalism Book #3 “Naked Mentalism” by Jon Thompson (vol. 1, 2 and 3)

mentalism books - naked mentalismThis book is the essence of the mentalism tricks that do not require any props or requisite. In fact, this book I was dreaming about for many years. You see, my favourite tricks are the ones I can perform with no preparation, with no physical component: no handling, no gaffs, nothing to write down, peek or burn. Nothing. Just like walking up to a person and perform. And I always wanted to have a great collection of such mental tricks. And finally here it is!

“Naked Mentalism” by Jon Thompson is one of the most underrated books on mentalism of all time. This read got “Amazon Editors’ Favourite Book of the Year” award. The amount of powerful and workable information in one place is astounding. One of the high points of the book is Jon’s “Naked Book Test”. This thing is absolutely amazing! It involves a person merely thinking of a word from whatever (magazine, book, newspaper, letter, etc.) and you name it! That simple!

The book splits into four distinct sections. First is a full exploration of the hows and whys of psychological forces. Section two is the infamous Naked Book Test. Section three is an advance on Brown’s Perfect Coin Prediction with a coin. The final section gives some miscellaneous bits and bobs. There’s also a glossary giving he full statistical model for the book test, and a large amount of data for the psychological force section, sorted in useful ways to help you develop your own more easily. To get the book or check the reviews on Amazon click here.

Mentalism Book #4 “Psychological Subtleties” by Banachek (vol. 1, 2 and 3)

mentalism books - psychological subleties vol.1 by banachekThe next book titled Psychological Subtleties, published in three volumes take the mentalism to the next level. Steven Shaw known widely by the stage name Banachek is the author of this book. After the experiment conducted by Washington University, he has been famous in the area of mentalism. He is the first performer to be sought-after by corporates and institutions for stage performances. The peculiarity of his book is that most of the techniques and tricks mentioned here are invented or developed by him.

In the first volume, the author has explained about the natural responses from a human brain that can be put into use while performing on stage.

In the second volume, the author has compiled complete and complicated routines using the tips that he explained in volume 1. Whereas the first volume was not about routines, the second volume contains well-compiled routines from famous mentalists and magicians like Peter Arcane, Leonardo Silverio, and Patrick Kuffs (17 mentalists in total).

The third volume is a continuation of volume 2 with more routines from Banachek and other 27 brightest minds from all around the world. Some of the routines presented in the third volume are creating the Perfect Situation, Optical illusions when applied to psychic effects, Banachek’s favorite ploys, and predicting headlines of newspaper (the one from Banachek himself). Be assured that you are buying a complete reference book of mentalism with ready-made routines and one of the best mentalism books available on the market. To get the book or check the reviews on Amazon, click here.

Mentalism Book #5 “Mind, Myth & Magick” by T. A. Waters

mentalism books - mind, myth and magickNext, let us look into an 800-page book with full of mentalism tricks. The author of Mind, Myth & Magick is T.A Waters and is known as one of the knowledgeable professionals in mentalism. In the 80s itself, he had published booklets which were sold to a select audience. Mind, Myth & Magick contains 200 effects of Bizarre magick and mind reading. The author has also included the extensive re-examination of other topics like billet work, fortunetelling, symbol tests, and psychometry.

This book is about T.A Waters’ life with mentalism. The author has explained the mentalism in a way that as you read on you can see how much progress he had made in this area. Like “13 steps to mentalism”, Mind, Myth & Magick is also a dated edition and is out of print now. You will get some copies from; however, the price for used copy is around $200 and is expected to rise. To get the book or check the reviews on Amazon, click here.

Mentalism Book #6 “The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading” by Ian Rowland

mentalism books - the full facts book of cold reading by Ian RowlandThe last book in the review of best mentalism books is “The full facts book of Cold Reading” written by Ian Rowland. Before getting into the description of the book, let me explain what “Cold Reading” is. In simple words, you can say it is the art of reading someone’s mind and talking to strangers as if you have known them for years. He is the only person US hired from outside America to give a lecture to FBI.

The book is divided into two sections. The first section gives an introduction to the “Cold Reading” and the misconceptions about it. In the second section, the author has elaborated on how the mind reading or cold reading works. This book is more about the mind reading technique in mentalism. To get the book or check the reviews on Amazon click here.

BONUS: Master Mentalism

master mentalismHaving said all that, if I was just starting out with mentalism, I would go with Master Mentalism course by Ryan Clark. Apart from the main ultimate 269 pages mentalism course that includes detailed guides on mind reading, levitation, hypnosis, card tricks and more, you get 8 more mentalism related books (card tricks, hypnosis guides, David Blane’s secrets revelations, etc.) as a free bonus! Now please don’t think that I’m exaggerating right now, but in addition to all that you also get the access to the closed Mesmerize Member Club, which has insane video collections of party tricks, interviews with legendary mentalists and a lot more. Now one last thing. I reached out to Ryan and I managed to negotiate for only a special price of $4.95 instead of regular $97 for Master Mentalism trial. This is offer is up for limited time only. So you better hurry up and claim it here.

Here is the video of a detailed walkthrough of what to expect from Master Mentalism Course:

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easy mind reading tricks

4 Easy Mind Reading Tricks Revealed

easy mind reading tricksHumans have been fascinated with the extra sensory perception. Some call it a superhuman gift while others put it to extreme intelligence. Well, mind reading as a part of mentalism magic is a subject that would take years to master and given the variability in human thoughts, there can be a high degree of inconsistency in the results. If you are trying to prove yourselves to be a mind reader, there are shortcuts to it. You can learn some of the easy mind reading tricks and perform them perfectly to blow some minds away. If this is what you are looking for, read on.

Before we get into the details about the mind reading tricks it is only fair that I talk about the “to do’s” while executing these tricks.

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Easy mind reading tricks – To do’s

  • Pick the right person – If you are going to perform your mind reading trick in front of a larger audience and wish to involve someone from the crowd pick someone who is the average guy. Avoid individuals who are either too enthusiastic or too aloof. You would need someone who could just play his part well rather than try to be smarter than you.
  • Prepare the guy – Make the person you picked feel comfortable and closer to you. Add subtle hints of his or her tastes into the act, so that he or she enjoys doing it and gives the best.
  • Watch your audience – Be aware of the kind of audience you have, their age, clothing (fashion sense), technical fluency etc. This will go a long way in choosing the right person to answer a question and expecting them to give you the answer that you want.
  • Use non-verbal communication – Use your non-verbal communication to the core to put across your views confidently. Also, make a note of the body language of your audience to assess their mental state and use them to your benefit.
  • Be confident – You have to possess a winner’s swagger no matter what the situation is, if you plan to play these easy mind reading tricks. You may fail, but that shouldn’t stop you. Take your failure in your stride and put up a better effort the next time. Learn from your mistakes!

#1 Easy mind reading trick revealed – Card trick

This is a common card based mind reading trick to make the audience believe that you have read their mind. Present the viewer(s) a set of six cards, and ask them to choose one but not to reveal the card they’ve chosen. Ask them to remember the card that they’ve chosen.

Next, comes the moment to prove them that you’ve read their mind! Take back the set of 6 cards that you’ve displayed and replace them with a new set of 5 cards without the audience noticing it. Now it is time to proclaim to the audience that their card has been removed from the set.

This trick works by making the viewer focus on the one card that he or she is asked to remember. So, their mind would be busy in retaining the details of the selected card, and fail to notice that you have changed all the cards that were presented in the first place. I am sure the audience would be amazed by the “mind reading” you demonstrated.

#2 Easy mind reading trick revealed – the Grey elephant trick

This one among the easy mind reading tricks relies on the one-dimensional thought process of humans. This trick involves the following steps:

  1. Pick a number from 1 to 10
  2. Multiply the selected number by 9
  3. If that number is of two digits, make it one by adding the digits.
  4. Subtract one from the answer
  5. With the result thus obtained, relate it to a letter in the alphabet like A=1, B=2, C=3, D=5 etc.
  6. Think of a country whose first letter beings with the letter obtained as a result of the previous step.
  7. Next, think of an animal that has the first letter of its name beginning with the second letter of that country.

Undoubtedly, the answer is going to be “Denmark” (the country that they had in mind).

More of these kinds of tricks you can find here.

#3 Easy mind reading trick revealed – Phone number gives your age

The next among the mind reading tricks has to do with the phone number or the mobile number. It uses this number to arrive at the age of the individual. Let me list out the steps:

  1. Take the last digit of your phone number or the cellphone number
  2. Multiply that number by 2
  3. Add 5 to the result thus obtained
  4. Multiply the result obtained in the previous step by 50
  5. Add 1766 to the result of the previous step
  6. Subtract your year of birth from the number obtained as the result of the previous step
  7. You will get a three digit number. The first digit would be the last digit of the phone number (or cellphone number) you had in mind and the other two digits denotes your age.

#4 Easy mind reading trick revealed – Black magic

The last trick in the easy mind reading tricks is the “Black Magic”. Do not be alarmed when you hear the name. This trick can be played for a party or with a group of people. The trick is to name the items they have picked up from the room in your absence. The assistant that you appointed beforehand lists the items in a way that the items he says after a black object are the items picked up by the people in the group. Hence the name is “Black magic”.

  1. Select an assistant from the group but no one else should know about this.
  2. Ask the people (you can even make groups) to pick up an item once you have left the room.
  3. When you return, ask your assistant to the list the items that were there in the room.
  4. Each item that he says after the ‘signal object’ is picked up the person or groups in that room. There is a risk that the signal object should not be picked up by any group.

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6 Things To Know When You Learn Mentalism

learn mentalism

#1 What Is Mentalism?

Mentalism is a performing art, where its practitioner, known as a mentalist, fools the spectator by pretending that he or she has mental superpowers such as telepathy, divination, mediumship, clairvoyance, divination, mind control and few others. Although mentalists normally only pretend to have mental superpowers, it doesn’t mean they cannot actually obtain one and demonstrate it. However the secret of special abilities like mind reading or precognition is hidden in a deep knowledge of psychology and use of manipulation tricks, which can be acquired in the learning mentalism process.

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#2 Body Language Does Matter

Body language (also known as non verbal communication) is the most important thing when it comes to learning mentalism. First, you have to be able to read the body language of the spectator. Don’t worry if you cannot do it right now. It is something anyone can learn. The ability of reading language of the body allows you, for example, to see if the person is happy, sad or angry, which is very important when you are performing a mind reading routine or playing a medium. Second, you have to follow your own body language. Remember that mentalism is a performing art. And how you say is far more important than what you say, unlike in some other types of arts. It’s all about how you present yourself and your routine.

#3 Presentation

This part is directly related to the body language. Once more, it is extremely important to know how to present yourself and your routine when you are performing. After you learn a mentalist trick, you have to master its presentation as well. The main point here is you have to make the spectator believe in what you are saying. Even if the spectator knows you well from when you were kids and he or she knows that you don’t really have any superpower, you have to be able to put a seed of doubt and make him or her think “what if…”.

#4 Misdirection

When you learn mentalism, don’t forget that it is mental type of magic. There are quite many mentalism tricks which you would perform as a regular card trick or any other magic routine that requires some props and sleight of hands. But when you look at misdirection as a control of attention (of the spectator or the audience), it makes even more sense and significance. You are the leader of your performance and you have to lead your spectator as well as the audience. Make them follow you, follow what you are saying, what you are doing and how you are acting. You have to control their attention and make it go the direction you want to.

#5 Mind Reading

Mind reading (also known as cold reading) is probably what mentalists are known for the most. However, I would like to mention real mind or even person reading. By that I mean what you can say about a person just observing him or her. It’s where body language knowledge comes into action. Apart from non verbal signals of the body, you have to pay attention to all kinds of details. The more details you can catch and read, the more information you can get about the person without even asking him or her anything at all.

#6 Learn Mentalism In Everyday Life

As I mentioned above, reading other person is the key to be a successful mentalist. And one of the best ways to improve it is just by actual practising. Observe other people – how they look, how they behave, what do they do, why, etc. Almost every person is doing it without even noticing it. But a lot of people are doing it to judge others and make him or herself feeling better (deep inside). Therefore it is important to observe consciously, trying to understand the being of the person, take his or her place, feel him or her. The more you do that, the more you are able to reading others.

For mentalism tricks revelations as well as complete step-by-step guide on how to become a mentalist, check out Ryan Clark’s “Master Mentalism” course here:

learn mentalism 2


How to Become a Mentalist

how to become a mentalist image

You may wonder what a mentalist is and how to become one. Mentalist is what you call those people who practice mentalism, the art of discerning the truth about an individual as well as many details about that individual’s personal life.

Many refer to mentalism as an activity incorporated by supernatural powers, however, how to become a mentalist is more about developing exceptional decoding and observational aptitude. Many professions from crime investigation field to magic performers make use of mentalist’s tricks along with the discipline of psychology for mental performance and behaviours.

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What You Should Do in Your Everyday Life to Succeed in Mentalism

Before we get to the actual means on how to become a mentalist, I would like to mention few points on what to do in your day-to-day life – when you are going to work, sitting in the train or having a party at your place. Being a mentalist is more than just to know few tricks. It is a lifestyle. Although these things are not mandatory, I do recommend you to consider them:

  • Practice quick, well-read judgement. How to become a mentalist starts with good surveillance, therefore as a mentalist you can be quite confident of your judgement. You don’t need ESP to be excellent in decoding and profiling an individual. You’ll just need to be very keen on your scrutiny. Is the person really knowledgeable or just bragging with empty words? Does the person look into your eyes while talking to you? Is the person’s body fit or healthy looking? Is the person wearing a ring? Is the person sweating although the air con is on? Such observations will definitely lead you into that one instant educated finding about an individual.
  • In learning how to become a mentalist, one should practice the art of finding lies. You can catch the person if he’s lying or not based on the physical cues that indicate his being anxious, nervous or unsure. Observe where he stares when speaking, his level of perspiration, his way of speaking if he stutters or repeats the same phrase, and other physical signs that seem quite unusual for person like him.
  • To better enhance your mentalism tricks, start discovering new things with yourself first. Face the mirror and make a thorough observation of your facial reaction. How do your eyes look when you stir positive thoughts? How about when you are feeling pained, how does your face look like? When you’re scared do you tend to shut your eyes off? Then play along with your emotions. When you’re happy and excited do you clasp your hands together and feel the butterflies in your stomach? How does it manifest in your body? When you’re nervous what do you usually do with your hands? Do you bite your fingernails or chew your lips? Start studying yourself then expand to studying other people’s behaviour.
  • Learn the tricky questions. Becoming a mentalist, you should be able to ask the wise, tricky questions that are partly a statement and partly a question. You don’t obviously persuade a person to tell you something because all the more that he will keep the information from you. Express the vague questions or statement and let the person clear it out for himself. Say something like, “I’m quite torn being a performer or a teacher, what do you say about that?” or asks something like, “I never like the service in that cafe. You think the others share the same opinion too?”
  • Be a good listener. Most people listens to be able to deliver a good reply, but a mentalist listens and listens, then reads between the lines. A good mentalist is a good listener. Excellent listening skills open a new world for you and lead you to several links that can help you on how to become a mentalist. An individual’s personality and background are often hinted through the things that come out of his mouth. People tend to spill out more things about themselves than we recognize it. Good listening is the major key.

Where to Start

Where you should start your become-a-mentalist journey?

There are two options for you. One of the options is books on mentalism. It’s a solid way especially if you like studying and dig deep into the thick books. However it may take longer time for you to become mentalism as the second option. In our age of Internet and technology it’s way faster and more interesting to study from the videos. Is it not?!

So the other option is to get an online multimedia course. I know there is a lot of bullshit out there these days. And I went through it personally. When I was looking for a decent course, I had to see many of them. The good thing is that the most of the online courses offer you a 60-day-money-back guarantee with no commitment. So for the pure BS I could claim the refund.

It was a good experience, though. It helped me to go through different products and see what deserves the attention and actually works in terms of self-education and what does not. In the section below I am going to share with you the most efficient and complete course in my personal opinion. I tell you more, if I was the creator of that course, I would charge a lot more than that.

Master Mentalism Course

master mentalism

As I mentioned before, it’s not an easy task to find a decent course on the art of mentalism, especially if you are new to this and really want to know how to become a mentalist. If you did try to find it yourself, I bet you agree with me and feel the pain.

There was a moment when I was information starved in terms of mentalism and magic and I was looking for as much information as I could find.

When I stumbled upon Master Mentalism, Ryan and his team ran a special promotion of $4.95 trial instead of regular $97. So I got lucky right there, because the offer was up for a short period of time.

I was impressed right there! The course itself contains 269 written pages of detailed guide on mind reading, hypnosis, levitation and much more. It is pretty much all you need to become a successful mentalist.

In addition to the main ultimate mentalism guide you will also take the part of the closed Mesmerize Member Club, that has incredible video collection of party tricks, interviews with legendary mentalists, and a lot more cool stuff.

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To make it easier for you, here is Master Mentalism detailed review and walkthrough:

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5 Reasons to Learn Mentalism Tricks

reasons to learn mentalism tricksEveryone has his or her own reasons to learn mentalism tricks. Someone might get impressed by mind blowing tricks of David Blane or unbelievable mind reading tricks of Derren Brown and decided to become like one of them. Another might get inspired by the TV show “Mentalist”. Nevertheless, I would like to go a little bit deeper on the possible advantages and perks which you may get by mastering the art of mentalism.

#1 Be Always Ready

Unlike other types of magic, mentalism requires minimum of requisite to perform or do not require it at all. As soon as you master the performance, you are ready to act any time, any place, in any situation, would it be a club, workplace or the corner shop next to your house. You never know when you will need your skills of mentalist. Well, normally you do know, but from time to time you will have certain situations where your mental trick would be as a cheat code in the computer game.

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#2 Mentalism Is Insane Hobby

Being a mentalist means being an artist. What I personally like in this hobby is that I can learn tricks and routines by myself. I don’t have to go anywhere. I don’t have to take classes. I can choose when, where and which way I want to practice. I don’t depend on anyone apart from myself. To find out in more details where to start your own become-a-mentalist journey, please refer to this article: How to Become a Mentalist. There you will find some useful information, what books are the best to start with and what online course to get.

#3 Mentalist as a Profession

You can start with mentalism tricks as a hobby and see how it goes. Of course you would have to practice for a while to feel it through and understand what it actually gives you, what feelings and emotions you experience doing it. You can earn some extra money even if you decide to keep it as a hobby. You can perform on different sort of parties like birthdays or bachelor’s parties, on some kind of social events where you can get paid for that, or even on the street in the public! And believe me, this way you can get pretty good earnings in addition to the salary you get at your full time work.

In case if you feel that it is something you would dedicate your life to, you definitely can make a business of your life out of it, which may bring you more than enough money for you and your family, or future family. And still there is wide range of possibilities. You can make your own shows, film videos, write books, do private lessons, found your school, or even theatre. In our age of the Internet it is really easy to get audience and popularity. You can start your own blog or better Youtube channel where you would show the evaluation of your mastery starting from your very first day of becoming a mentalist.

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Having said all that, there are loads of different possibilities to earn as a mentalist. And the most beautiful part of it is that you would have absolute independence of anyone like bosses or parents, you would have as much free time as you like, and be the absolute and only owner of your own time and life.

#4 Social and Private Life You Can Only Imagine

I know by my personal experience that a lot of guys, even being good looking and intelligent, cannot approach a girl they like. We are not going deep on the reasons of that. Generally speaking, most of the guys think that they don’t look good enough to be attracted to a girl they like, or even if they know they look good, they don’t know what to say, how to approach and, which is the most important part, how to make a girl interested in them.

Now remember the last situation when you have seen a beautiful girl you wanted to approach but you haven’t because you didn’t know what to say or were afraid that she wouldn’t show mutual interest. And now imagine what would have happened if you had a couple of mentalist tricks up in your sleeve. You came up to her, asked for a minute of her attention and blew her mind far away. The girl is speechless of what she has just seen. The only person that exists at that moment to her is you. Once more – the only person in the whole world that exists to her at that moment is YOU. She is not interested in other guys around her. She forgot about her friend who is next to her. Now SHE is the one who wants to approach you, to speak to you, to make you interested in her. All you need to do is to go with a flow and play along. Sounds cool, huh? Believe me, it actually is cool.

Same thing is finding new friends. If you perform to a group of boys and girls at a party, every single one of them would want to be a friend of you. You will outrank any group leader whoever he or she is. You will be the centre of their attention. You will need just to choose who to be friends with.

#5 People Manipulation

It sounds quite negative or even inhumanely. But it is not exactly what I mean. Let me explain here. All our social interactions is some sort of manipulation. For example, a mother asks her kid to tidy up the house. Her kid refuses to do that. Then she says that he or she would get an ice-cream if does it. After which her kid is happy to tidy up the house and wash the dishes in addition. Someone would say it is motivation, another would say it is manipulation.

Here is another example. You are going to the shop to buy a new printer. You ask for an advice of a sales assistant. Sales assistant hides the drawbacks of a cheaper model, and make his argumentation around more expensive one, even though the technical characteristics are equal of both of them. He just wants you to buy the more expensive model which would bring him a bit higher commission. This is also manipulation.

We are not only observing manipulation in everyday life, but also manipulating by ourselves not even thinking of it! Along with mentalism tricks you learn to manipulate a person, his or her attention, emotions, way of thinking, feeling. Becoming a mentalist also means becoming a leader of any conversation or situation. Moreover, you get harder to be manipulated. You are being more aware and concerned about it even if another person is doing it unintentionally. It may sound too loud, but your life becomes clearer and easier for you. It’s like if you had superpower for real.

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